Weight Loss Wednesday, Week 2

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Rolling into Week 2 of Weight Loss Wednesday was a lot easier this week than last week. Last week I was a little under the weather, so I missed almost a whole week of workouts.

This week showed major improvement. The new number on the scale really does prove that adding even 1-2 additional workouts can really help to accelerate your weight loss efforts.

Before we get to that, I had a video I wanted to share with you.

I’m Enough

Last night, I watched a TED Talk given by Brené Brown. Brené is a research professor in social work and an expert in human connection. She’s also a gifted story-teller, which is why I wanted to share this video with you.

Although I watched her talk to learn more about vulnerability and how it relates to connecting with others, I found her talk provided insight into why many of us eat emotionally.

She said something I’ll never forget. She said, “We cannot selectively numb our emotions.” In other words, when we numb sadness, we also numb joy. Talk about lightbulb moment! Definitely something to think about the next time I invade the pantry in search of comfort.

We cannot selectively numb our emotions. – Brené Brown

Her advice: Lean into joy & practice gratitude, even in moments of doubt. To say, “I’m grateful, because to feel vulnerable means I’m alive.” Love this.

And lastly…

We should all believe we’re enough. When we hold this belief, we’re kinder to those around us and to ourselves. - Brené Brown

This point really hit home because kindness to oneself correlates nicely with weight loss. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, if you have 20 minutes to spare, you should watch. If you only have a few minutes to spare, the main takeaways are presented between the 14-17 minute marks (3 minutes). She does a great job of summarizing her talk in the last minute, starting at the 19-min mark.

Weight Loss Stats for May 29th

Without further ado, I’ll dive into my stats and then sign off…

weight scale

Almost a pound and a half down! I’m really excited because this makes up for last week’s results.

Nothing ground-breaking happened with my workout routine. I did my 3-workout weekly minimum and went for at least 40 minutes on the treadmill each time. During one session, I watched an hour-long tv series, so I made it to 50 minutes.

I also added strength-training to the equation. Nothing too crazy. After each workout, I did 20 lunges (10 per leg) + some dumbbell exercises to work various arm muscle groups. This consisted of 5 sets of 10 reps with 5-lb weights.

Regarding diet, I still need to work on the fruit & veggies, but I was more conscious about sugar intake. There were a few times that I reached for a high-carb/sugary snack and opted instead for a piece of cheese, fruit, or other alternative.

Highlights for Next Week

There are a couple of recipes that made repeat appearances at our table this week, so I’ll be sharing those recipes in the next few days.

The main announcement is that I’ve got an interview all lined up for next week’s post!

My special guest is a personal trainer and owns a fitness-related blog for dads. I know…most of ya’ll are moms, but I think you’ll love his response to my questions. ;)

Stay tuned and keep up the great work! xo


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